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Our course-runs are intermittent and varied and a mix of skills and approaches are often required. Our main areas of focus are:
  1. Linux network-applications (traditional areas)
    • Web-servers,
    • LAN-servers,
    • mail-servers,
    • database servers.
  2. Linux client applications(emerging areas)
    • Desktop-text-processing/money-counting applications,
    • CAD-workstations.
  3. Programming for Linux applications (creating new client/server applications)
    • Linux network programming
  4. Linux core:
    • tailoring and manipulating the Linux kernel,
    • porting Linux to special-purpose machines,
    • Interfacing devices to Linux machines: device driver programming.
We therefore are interested in building and keeping a database of people skilled in areas of interest for teaching/demonstrating duties. If you are skilled in the ares below:
please contact us with your CV. We will keep you CV on our database and when the need arise we will contact you.

Contact us

For information about Linux resources (books, machines and interface cards) available from Basis Volume please browse the b-vol website. and click on b-vIT.


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